End Of Tenancy Cleaning

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Many rental agreements include a clause that requires tenants to leave the property in its original condition or in its current state upon their departure.

Manchester End Of Tenancy Solutions

If it is just a regular cleaning, this might not be a problem. Professional help is required if you need to clean carpeting or furniture.

If you ignore the requirement and do a second-rate work, your realty agent or property owner can recoup your cleaning costs from your rental deposit.

Instead of going through all this hassle, leave it to us. We can restore your carpeting to its original condition, provided it isn’t damaged.

The Cleaning Solution For Homeowners, Landlords and Tenants

We offer end-of-tenancy services in Nottingham. We will restore your property to its pretenancy condition and ensure that your landlord is satisfied.

To ensure that we are available on the scheduled time for cleaning, it is a good idea call us immediately after you have decided to vacate.

We are a mobile, professional, local group that is experienced and well-equipped for the job.

Students, renters, property and estate owners, estate and managing agents, businesses, property management firms, and property owners can use our end-of-tenancy cleaning service. Pre-tenancy cleaning is also available!

This deep cleaning method is great for moving into a new house or moving out of a rented apartment. We know what agents want and make sure they are happy.

For your security, we are fully insured

We can tailor our cleaning services to meet your needs, whether you need a deep clean from top to bottom, carpet or rug cleaning.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning FAQ's

End of tenancy cleaning involves: Cleaning, disinfecting, and dusting items such the front door, skirting boards and ceilings, limescale on tiles, taps, and limescale on tiles. Deep cleaning appliances: microwave, fridge, oven, and other similar. … Clean windows: Make sure windows are clean from the inside out.

There are two options for cleaning out a tenancy. You can do it yourself or hire a professional. You may need to consider how close you are to the property and how much time available.

The average cost of cleaning out a tenancy at the end is about:

Studio cost ranges from PS 95 to PS 244, with an average of PS195. An apartment with one or more rooms costs PS 140 to PS 315. The average cost is PS 250. Apartment with two or more bedrooms – PS 140 to PS 315, the average is PS 315.

Under certain circumstances, landlords may be entitled to money from the tenant deposit for cleaning. Although cleaning standards are subjective, landlords can claim money from the deposit for cleaning.

If a tenant moves out, the Rental Housing Act states that the dwelling must be in a good condition. A landlord cannot make the tenant responsible for costs if this clause is not included in the lease agreement.

Tenant Fees Act 2019 was introduced on June 1, 2019. It is now illegal for landlords and tenants to charge tenants professional end-of-tenancy cleaning services. … A tenancy agreement that requires tenants to pay professional cleaning services is invalid.

The UK average cost to hire domestic cleaners ranges between PS31 and PS63. But, rates can differ depending on many factors.

Prices Comparison for Common Cleaning Services

Average Hourly Cleaning Service Cost

PS15: Deep or spring cleaning

Floor Cleaning PS13

Steam Cleaning PS10

Window Cleaning PS25

If the damage is more severe than normal wear and tear, the landlord may make deductions or retain the full deposit. The landlord can withhold a portion or all of the deposit if the tenant owes money on utility bills such as electricity or gas.

Carpet is used daily by people. If you see anything other than normal wear like large stains or carpet that’s worn all the way to the thread or the subfloor, then you should make a deduction.